The HSM-17 is the second generation switch machine from the ARS engineering team. This machine also requires zero maintenance and comes in two configurations: 12V battery and 120-volt DC. With a throw time of less than half a second, and more throw force and durability than other units in this space, the HSM-17 is an industry game-changer.

The HSM-17 has the same key features as the YM-16, such as zero maintenance requirement, reliability and resiliency. The HSM-17 can be installed in any environment, including temperatures ranging from -50F to over 100F. The HSM-17 is trailable without damage, reducing the risk of derailment and machine downtime. This machine has one of the fastest throw times of any switch machine on the market, at about 0.5 seconds!



This is a control method for a single switch and the operator must be at the machine to control the switch by the push of a button. This control method does not require any additional technology.

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Dual Tone Multi Frequency, allows control of a single switch, or up to 5 switches in a group, remotely through a standard VHF radio. Individual switch control is also available by push button at each machine. 

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Data Radio communication allows the remote control of a whole yard or a single switch through a software program on a PC via a data radio network and push button control at the machine.

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