Our Team


we are more than a company. We are a family.


The company executives are responsible for shaping strategic direction and ensuring operational efficiency. They develop and implement high-level strategies, make major decisions, and manage the overall operations and resources of a company.


The production staff handles hands-on operations on the shop floor, ensuring products are efficiently produced with the highest quality. Their responsibilities range from operating machinery, performing quality checks on finished products, to maintaining a safe and clean workspace.

project design and application engineering

The application design team is responsible for creating user-friendly and functional applications that meet the needs of end-users and align with the business objectives of the organization.


The engineering team plays a critical role in the conception, design, and development of products. These professionals are responsible for designing product prototypes, creating and testing product models, and analyzing the effectiveness of the manufacturing processes.

sales and marketing

Sales and Marketing is responsible for driving revenue growth and shaping the company's image in the marketplace. They are responsible for identifying and reaching out to potential customers, understanding their needs and preferences, and showing them how the company's products or services are the best solution for them.


The admin department is the cornerstone of this organization, responsible for managing the day-to-day activities that are crucial to the operation of the company. The department ensures a seamless workflow within the organization by providing a wide array of support services.