The YM-16 switch machine is the new industry standard for yard switch machines. The entire machine has been engineered to enhance safety, durability, and ease of use. The YM-16 boasts the fastest throw time and the most efficient performance of any yard switch machine on the market, and the best part is, there’s zero maintenance required.

The YM-16 is known for its reliability and resiliency. YM-16 switch machines are installed in many diverse climates. From flood-prone areas to arid desert locations, the YM-16 is working in temperatures ranging from -50F to 100F and remains ever-reliable. The ARS method for integrating the machine and components provides for the highest level of reliability when deployed in challenging environments.

The YM-16  is trailable without damage, allowing a run through without the risk of derailment or machine failure. This machine’s reliability and under 1.5-second throw speed will never leave you disappointed in its performance.   



This is a control method for a single switch and the operator must be at the machine to control the switch by the push of a button. This control method does not require any additional technology.

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 Dual Tone Multi Frequency, allows control of a single switch, or up to 5 switches in a group, remotely through a standard VHF radio. Individual switch control is also available by push button at each machine. 



Data Radio communication allows the remote control of a whole yard or a single switch through a software program on a PC via a data radio network and push button control at the machine.